Australia Post

17 June 2020 - House of Representatives

Mr DICK (Oxley) (13:52): I rise to speak today on yet another industry where the government has completely forgotten essential workers—our trusted and crucial Aussie Post employees. The Morrison government has voted eight times over two days to slash Australia Post deliveries and threaten jobs and wages.

There are fewer services provided by the Commonwealth more familiar and well loved than Australia Post. Many people, including isolated, vulnerable and older residents in Oxley and those living in regional areas, rely on regular postal services to conduct their business and stay in touch with friends and family.

It is shameful that this government is using a pandemic to slash an essential public service. This government is once again cutting services and cutting jobs. It is just not acceptable and certainly not in the climate we are in. People know their posties and they love them. And what this government is planning is restricting deliveries to just two days a week.

Australia Post has community service obligations for a reason: because it is an essential service. An essential service should be provided regularly, and those who provide it should feel safe and secure in their employment. It's a fundamental starting point, for these changes were based on a hoax. How can we trust anything the government says? I know the people of Oxley support our Australia Post services and our posties, and so do I.