Oxley In Limbo After Turnbull Pulls The Plug On NBN Rollout Data

02 February 2017


Once again the Turnbull Government has shown absolute contempt for Australian consumers seeking information about the NBN.


On 20 December 2016, NBN Co removed information from its website which allowed consumers to check what specific technology their home was going to receive.


Now suburbs including parts of Springfield, Camira and Forest Lake aren’t able to find out what kind of NBN connection they will receive. It only says that NBN Co is committed to completing the rollout by 2020.


This lack of information and transparency is simply unacceptable.


Westlake resident Noeneel Sharma is one of many residents who has voiced his concern to my office and has been very frustrated by the poor rollout.


“There’s a lack of transparency and accountability by the NBN to deliver on schedule” said Mr Sharma.


“I’ve been told multiple times that my service would be connected but there has just been delay after delay”.


Every day my office receives multiple phone calls and emails like this from residents who are fed up with this second rate service. I’m hearing complaints about drop outs, service interruptions and slow connections.


Does the Turnbull Government really believe Australians don’t care what technology they will be connected with? That quality of broadband is just an afterthought for Australians buying a house or choosing a place to rent?


Over three years on and this hapless Government still cannot tell Australians what technology they will receive when they are connected to the NBN.


There is only one reason for Malcolm Turnbull covering up the truth – his second rate NBN is a mess and he is responsible for it.