Oxley Parliamentary School Program

03 July 2018

I was proud to recently launch the Oxley Parliamentary School Program with a group of year 7 students at The Springfield Anglican College.

The program is designed to give students who may not have an opportunity to travel to Canberra to see Parliament in action a chance to participate in their own House of Representatives debate in the classroom.

The first program was a huge success and it was fantastic to see the students really embrace the program and act out a debate on a bill to ban homework.

Not only did the students do a tremendous job, but they also showed respect towards one another as they debated the merits of the bill.

After much debate between the parties and crossbench, the bill to ban homework was defeated.

Complete with students acting out the roles of Speaker, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and members of parliament, the program allowed students to experience how the passing of legislation is implemented and how the country is governed.

I want to specifically thank the teachers and staff led by Principal Darren Pitt at Springfield Anglican College for participating in the first Oxley Parliamentary School Program.

All students and teachers are to be commended on their fantastic participation in the program.

If your school is interested in hosting a Oxley Parliamentary School Program, or if there is anything I can ever help with please email me at [email protected] or call my office on 3879 6440.