Needs based funding for schools

01 February 2017

With 2017 now underway I’d like to wish all the best to students who are just returning to school.

For our Prep students it will be the first time they’ve entered the school gates. While Grade 6 students will find themselves in their last year of primary school.

Year 7 students will begin their high school journey and for year 12’s it will be the final year of schooling before heading off to further study, work or perhaps even some time abroad.

We have wonderful schools throughout the Oxley electorate with hardworking teachers and staff who do a tremendous job.

To ensure every child is given the quality education they deserve, it’s important that schools are given the appropriate resources they need.

When I visit schools throughout the electorate I’m constantly told about the importance of needs based funding. Principals, teachers and parents all tell me about the big difference this makes for students and how critical it is.

Needs based funding means schools can hire extra teachers to help students in the classroom, order new materials or even provide more resources.

For Oxley schools this means an extra $20 million over 2017-18. This allows schools to provide a strong focus on every child’s needs whilst delivering more individual attention for students. Teachers are able to be given extra training and more support for students with disability and additional learning needs.

Every dollar makes a difference and I’ll be working to see that each and every Oxley school is given the funding it needs.

If you would like to share your story about how needs based funding is making a difference to your school or child, please contact my office on 3879 6440 or send me an email [email protected].

I look forward to visiting schools throughout the year and working closely with principals and teachers.

Good luck to all students for a great 2017.