NBN rollout failing community standards

02 April 2017

In an age where we are more connected than ever before, it’s never been more important that all homes and businesses have access to reliable and high quality internet.

Whether it be the thousands of business owners who work from home, young students doing homework on their iPads, or simply watching Netflix after a long day at work. It’s vital that we have the infrastructure needed to take us into the 21st century.

Unfortunately though I’m hearing on a daily basis about the ongoing problems with the NBN rollout right across our region.

From drop outs and slow connection speeds, all the way through to delayed connection times and a lack of information as to when services will become available.

Whilst some areas are now benefitting from the NBN being made available, too often I’m seeing cases of where community expectations are not being met.

Just last week I visited a resident who told me how the NBN cables run directly behind his back fence but due to the direction his house faced he was not able to be connected. Having otherwise instead to rely on a wireless connection.

He told me about his frustration that a connection to his property had been continuously delayed and the difficulties that his two primary school aged children faced when using the internet for their schoolwork. All the while properties nearby had been connected months ago.

This is a classic example of the digital divide occurring throughout our region and the ongoing delays to homes and businesses being given access to high quality broadband.

For too long we’ve heard the promise that all homes and businesses would be connected by now.

Ensuring the NBN is rolled out on time and on budget remains a key priority for me and I’ll continue fighting to see this happen as quickly as possible.

Please email me at [email protected] if you would like to share your NBN experience. I’m happy to hear positive stories or any troubles you may have had.