National Seniors Week

10 October 2017

Recently I had the pleasure of joining almost 200 seniors and pensioners from Springfield with local State candidate for Jordan, Charis Mullen, and Durack to celebrate National Seniors Week.

It was a pleasure to be joined by representatives from the Stroke Foundation and Centrelink at the Springfield morning tea, which also featured a special performance from the St Peters Lutheran Grade 2 and 3 choir.

Seniors make an incredible contribution to our local community. On a national scale it is estimated that grandparents contribute over $15 billion dollars to the national economy, just by providing care to their grandchildren. On top of this, volunteering efforts by seniors contribute a further $16 billion dollars to the national economy. Often referred to as the ‘silent army’, seniors and pensioners are well known for just getting on with it and deserve greater recognition for their efforts.

However I know that times are tough lately with the cost of living rising and having a big impact.

That is why I voted in the Parliament against scrapping the energy supplement payment to pensioners. Currently single partners receive $14.10 per fortnight and partnered couples receive $10.60 each for this payment. At a time of rising energy prices and coming into summer, I know this just isn’t fair on pensioners. We need to stand up and protect those who have already given so much to the community.

I’m also aware of how the failed NBN rollout is affecting seniors and pensioners. Every day my office receives phone calls from older residents who are frustrated with their lack of connection. Especially for people who require a reliable internet and phone connection for medical reasons, the failed rollout is simply unacceptable.

I’ll be continuing to work hard and see these problems fixed without hesitation.

If you or anyone you know has NBN troubles, please contact my office on 3879 6440.