Access To Affordable Healthcare

02 May 2018

I’ve recently been approached by more and more people who are concerned about the rapid rate of increasing healthcare costs. Seniors and pensioners in particular have been voicing their concerns that healthcare is becoming unaffordable and out of reach for those on pensions and modest incomes.

This includes stories of pensioners and single mothers skipping the health care they need because they can’t afford it.

Access to quality and affordable healthcare is one of my highest priorities for our community. It’s why I was pleased to recently welcome Labor’s Shadow Minister for Health and Medicare Catherine King MP to a my annual seniors and pensioner’s morning tea and local Health Summit.

We heard directly from local residents about how rising health care costs are impacting them and their families. Catherine spoke about our commitment to keep healthcare costs low and the need to stop the Medicare rebate freeze.

Medicare has been at the centre of healthcare for millions of Australians and we must protect it into the future. Our community should be particularly proud of Medicare as it was born right here in 1973 by the former Member for Oxley The Hon. Bill Hayden.

We also heard from local GP’s, doctors and radiologists at the Health Summit. This important gathering of local health professionals meant that we received direct feedback on how to better improve our health systems.

It’s important that our health professionals are given the support and resources they need to care for our community.

I’m always open to feedback on what our community needs for better healthcare.

If you should like to share your experience, or if there is anything I can ever help with please email me at [email protected] or call my office on 3879 6440.