Australia Post has cut mail delivery frequency in metropolitan areas in half. 

The Morrison Government has changed regulations which will slow down the delivery of letters to our community. 

Intrastate mail delivery time frames has gone from a minimum of 3 business days, to 7 full days.

Mail delivery has also been reduced in some regional areas, which for historical  reasons, were classified by Australia Post as regional.

Many Australians, including isolated, vulnerable and older Australians and those living in regional areas, rely on regular postal services.

Over half a million workers have lost their jobs and families are struggling to pay their bills.

The notion that senior Australia Post executives could be handing themselves millions in bonuses is both obscene and out of touch. 

Australia Post delivers a service that the community have a right to have and deserve. Timely letter delivery is an essential service that many rely on. I will continue to urge the Government to reconsider this decision. 

Sign the petition if you want mail delivered in our area every week day.

The Morrison Government has used the coronavirus pandemic as cover for an attack on essential services and frontline workers.